Keto Stir-Fried Dragon Chives & Beansprouts

If you’re on keto, leafy vegetables are the best for the diet. They’re low in carbs compared to stem and root vegetables but still tastes delicious. For a Chinese New Year meal, you’ll want to make this, whether your family is on keto or not-it’s that yummy.


  • 1 packet dragon chives
  • 1 packet beansprouts
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic
  • 1 big chilli or chilli padi
  • Ghee
  • SK Bouillon
  • Salt and pepper to taste

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  • Ghee Butter, Golden, 240gr (Healtholicious)


  1. Chop up dragon chives to your desired length or you may use as-is.
  2. Chop up bean sprouts to your desired length or you may use as-is.
  3. Slice chilli
  4. Mince garlic
  5. Oil your pan with ghee
  6. Saute the garlic
  7. Add the sliced chilli
  8. Add dragon chives, beansprouts and SK Bouillon
  9. Stir fry and let it simmer
  10. It's ready to serve once the vegetables are soft to your liking
  11. Season with salt and pepper


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