SK Peanut Butter


Made with just four quality ingredients, roasted ground peanuts, MCT oil, Swerve, and a dash of Himalayan pink salt, our SK Peanut Butter is a one-of-a-kind, keto-friendly spread that tastes nutty and rich. With no added sugars, it is the irresistibly healthier choice. This is how we love our peanut butter: textured and authentic. And we think you’d love it this way too! 

Our SK Peanut Butter is also a surprisingly versatile ingredient and is amazing when used in sauces, stews and soups to add a unique depth of flavour. Check out our Keto Peanut Soup recipe for an easy way to turn our Peanut Butter into a bowl of comfort and warmth.

We also recommend spreading SK Peanut Butter on our KetoBun Crisps for a snack or our Black Sesame Loaf for an easy breakfast bite to go.

Only <3g of net carbs per serving.


Ground Roasted Peanuts, MCT Oil, Swerve, Himalayan Pink Salt



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