Orders are processed once payment has been made.
For special requests such as customization, please visit the Get In Touch page. You may choose to fill in the form, or contact us by phone or email. Your request will then be assessed by a team member before getting approved with a confirmation email. Additional charges may apply.
For urgent enquiries, you may WhatsApp or SMS us at +65 9838 4047 and one of our staff will attend to you as soon as possible.
Because we do not use any preservatives, we require two days notice to prepare your order to ensure the quality and freshness of the products you will receive.
Delivery is free for orders over S$100, otherwise there is a S$15.00 delivery charge for all orders below S$100. Additional charges may apply if you need to request for a more specific delivery time.
Deliveries are made Monday to Friday between 11am-6pm.
KetoBun Consume within 1 day
Store in the freezer for up to month.
Black Sesame Loaf
Country Loaf
Garlic Pretzel
Mini Pretzel Dogs
Rosemary Loaf
Triple Cheese Puffs
Store in chiller and consume within 2 days.
Creamy Custard
All Cupcakes
Store in chiller and consume within 5 days.
All Jars
Charming Chili
Seriously Sambal
Mushroom Pate
SK Bouillon
SK Hoisin Sauce
SK Special Sauce
Coco Cosmos
Condensed Milky Way
Forest Berries Jam
Kaya Kryptonite
Hazelnut Spread
SK Peanut Butter
Store in chiller and consume within 2 weeks.

*Please take note that double dipping will cause bacteria
to grow and therefore shorten the shelf-life
exponentially. Please do not double dip, and return to
the chiller immediately after consumption.
Cheese Crisps
Pretzel Sticks
Cheese Churros
Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Store at ambient temperature and consume within 1 week.
KetoBun Frozen
Country Loaf Frozen
Store in the freezer and consume within 3 months.
The ingredients list varies for each item, so please refer to the individual product pages for information regarding each product.
Our most common ingredients are almond flour, butter, and Swerve.
The only sweetener we use is Swerve, which is made of only natural ingredients and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. It’s main ingredient is Erythritol, which is a naturally occurring sweetener that has almost zero calories, and has been proven not to cause a spike in insulin or blood glucose levels.
During the R&D stage of each product, our founder tested her insulin levels using a diabetes insulin patch while consuming all of our products to ensure no spike occurs.
Our products do not contain any added sugars. The only sweetener we use (Swerve) has been proven to not cause any increase in insulin or blood glucose levels.
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