75% Fat, 20% Protein, And 5% Net Carbs.

These numbers represent the ratio of macro nutrients that make up the foundation of a ketogenic diet. While it may seem simple enough, maintaining ketosis and succeeding with the diet can come as a challenge to most people.

Our Discover Keto segment is created to introduce you to the diet as well as to help you in maintaining it, which we believe to be the most important part.

Browse through our home-inspired recipes by our founder, Janti Brasali – from mouthwatering Indonesian classics like soto ayam to homemade comfort food like pork porridge.

We will be adding recipes regularly to help keep your keto home cooking fun and interesting, so check in regularly!

You can also learn more about the ingredients we use at Seriously Keto, and find additional information about the keto diet through articles that can further help you to enjoy your keto lifestyle. Let us join you on your keto journey and create a meaningful and inclusive keto community together!

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