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Keto Recipes

  • Keto Kong Pao Chicken With Zucchini Noodles
    October 30, 2021

    Keto Kong Pao Chicken With Zucchini Noodles

    Zoodles, a surprisingly tasty alternative to noodles, is particularly useful if you’re on a keto diet. That’s zoodles, or zucchini sliced into noodles. Here, it’s paired with a devilishly spiced kong pao chicken recipe or a Chinese-style chicken dish that’s stir-fried using Chinese vinegar, chillies, broth and brown sugar swerve for a hint of sweetness.
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  • Mushroom Dumplings
    February 1, 2021

    Mushroom Dumplings

    This dish contains a medley of mushrooms and is a super healthy vegetarian and keto-friendly recipe that creatively uses cabbage as the outer skin of the dumplings. This dish can be served two ways, simply with just chilli oil and soy sauce, or with the mushroom soup from the next recipe.

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    1. Hot And Sour Soup
      February 1, 2021

      Hot And Sour Soup

      This recipe is great as a supplement to the mushroom dumplings but is excellent even on its own served with tofu and mushrooms. Umami from the mushroom stock creates the perfect balance of flavours in this dish.

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    2. Rack Of Lamb Curry
      November 9, 2020

      Rack Of Lamb Curry

      We're taking the classic Indian mutton curry and turning it up a notch by using a rack of lamb. Mouthwatering spices and tender lamb make this the perfect sharing dinner plate. - by Janti Brasali, Seriously Keto
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    3. Coconut Naan
      November 9, 2020

      Coconut Naan

      Naan is a traditional Indian flatbread that is usually enjoyed together with a dal or curry. This is my low-carb, gluten-free, and keto-friendly version of a naan, which pairs perfectly with my Chiroli Seed Dal. - by Janti Brasali, Seriously Keto
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    4. Chiroli Seed Dal
      November 9, 2020

      Chiroli Seed Dal

      Beans and legumes are the main ingredients in dal, and I have found a keto-friendly replacement! Chiroli, which is a type of nut - is a great substitute for chickpeas, lentils, and beans when cooking dishes that require those ingredients. Try this homemade keto-friendly version of a delicious Indian staple today! - by Janti Brasali, Seriously Keto
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    5. Keto Chicken Meatball Shirataki Noodles
      October 29, 2020

      Keto Chicken Meatball Shirataki Noodles

      Noodles are a local favourite and consumed almost on a daily basis, but that’s hard to do while you’re on Keto, so simply replace high-carb noodles with keto-friendly shirataki ones. Make your own meatballs too using friendly-fats in chicken thigh, and join in the meal with your noodle-loving family.
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    6. Keto Cauliflower Porridge
      October 27, 2020

      Keto Cauliflower Porridge

      If you’re on keto, you know how hard it is to avoid rice, especially with family dinners. Now, join in the family feast with a comforting substitute –keto cauliflower “porridge”! It’s creamy, drizzled with fragrant sesame oil and we think, perfect for the family dinner table and your daily Keto diet.
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